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Advanced Materials

Our Advanced Materials BU is a leading provider of surface solutions based on its proprietary vacuum coating technologies and advanced materials. Our surface solutions are able to deliver a strong value proposition to customers where we offer mission-critical applications (such as miniaturization, increased durability, thermal management and wear resistance) that enable customers to overcome functional and cost constraints imposed by conventional coating technologies.

Smart phones, computers (desktop, laptop and tablet), wearables & accessories, printing and imaging, precision engineering and automotive are some of the key products (or sub-segments) where the company’s nanotechnology surface solutions are commonly used.  Currently, the Advanced Materials BU has production facilities in Singapore, China, Japan and Vietnam.



Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon Coating (Black Diamond)

TAC-ON  (Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon) thin film has a stable diamond structure containing up to 88% of Tetrahedral bonded sp3 carbon atoms. TAC-ON  thin film possesses a lot of unique characteristics such as low temperature deposition, extreme hardness, excellent adhesion strength with substrate, ultra low friction coefficient, very stable chemical property, high wear resistance and so on. FCVA coated special hydrogen-less diamond carbon thin film can significantly extend the life for various types of molds, tools and parts which will see a remarkable reduction in production cost and improvement in productivity.



Advantages of TAC-ON

Main Applications

  • Stable diamond structure 88% of Tetrahedral Bonded sp3 

  • Highly dense film

  • Excellent adhesion

  • Extreme hardness

  • Low friction coefficient 

  • Low deposition temperature

  • Low surface energy

  • Hydrogen-free carbon film

  • Average product life expectancy increases by 5.0x to 12.0x

  • Precision Mold

  • Hard Disk Drive (Head & Media) 

  • Cutting Tools         

  • PCB Drill and Router  

  • Vehicle Parts   

  • Wear and Tear Parts     

  • Sewing Machine Components

  • Surface Treatment



i-TAC  (thick tetrahedral amorphous carbon) is a derivative of our TAC-ON  advanced material which is coated as a thick film (with a thickness of greater than 5 microns). Our i-TAC  advanced material is utilised in surface solutions for automotive piston rings and extends the life of piston ring by more than five times compared to other diamond-like carbon materials.




Nano-Crystalline Chrome Nitride Ceramic


FCVA CrN (Low Deposition Temperature)
FCVA H-Cr (High Productivity Cost)

MiCC  (Nano-Crystalline Chrome Nitride Ceramic Coating) featuring high hardness, low coefficient of friction, high corrosion resistance and low surface energy is commonly being applied on IC encapsulation molding process, plastic injection molding, CD and DVD replication molding process. This prolongs the service life of tools, reduces the mold release force, lowers production cost and improves on productivity.


Instead of MiCC  we can also produce FCVA CrN (Low Deposition Temperature), and FCVA H-Cr (Higher Production Efficiency) to cater for various demands for temperature resistant, as well as productivity cost.



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