Corporate Citizen

As a responsible corporate citizen, we take our social responsibilities seriously.

We routinely undergo audits conducted by external auditors, government bodies (including production safety and human resource protection agencies in China), as well as our quality assurance team, which covers the following aspects

  • Environmental
  • Health & Safety
  • Labour & Human Rights

In addition, certain of our major customers also require us to participate in social responsibility audits conducted by a third-party social responsibility auditor.

Compliance & Audit

We welcome external audits and are committed to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility, as well as towards ethical conduct.

We continuously demonstrated our results and performance in regular audits conducted by our key global customers, with the strictest ESG standards and requirements imposed on suppliers.

Code of Conduct & Whistleblowing Policy

  • Employee Code of Conduct

    This Code of Business Conduct and Ethics is intended to assist all employees, officers and directors of Nanofilm Technologies International Limited and each of its direct and indirect subsidiaries (individually and collectively, to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct in corporate and business affairs.)

    Nanofilm's Board Risk Committee oversees the governance of ethics within the organisation.

    Employee COC
  • Supplier Code of Conduct

    Nanofilm Technologies International Limited and each of its direct and indirect subsidiaries are committed to conducting business ethically, responsibly, and sustainably. This Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the fundamental standards we expect suppliers, providers, vendors, selling partners, contractors and their subsidiaries and affiliates, as well as any subcontractors, sub-tier suppliers and all entities within their supply chains directly or indirectly providing goods or services to Nanofilm or for use in or with Nanofilm's products to uphold.

    Supplier COC
  • Bribery and Other Improper Payments

    As a part of Nanofilm Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, we don’t give, offer, demand, solicit or accept a bribe or accept any improper payment to or from anyone in the course of conducting business on behalf of Nanofilm, including for the purpose of obtaining or retaining business, or for any other advantage. Improper payments include, without limitation, any gift, gratuity, reward, advantage or benefit of any kind (monetary or non‐monetary). Any kind of bribery or corruption violation is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

    Bribery and Other Improper Payments
  • Whistleblowing Policy

    At Nanofilm, we encourage employees to speak out whenever there is a concern regarding any practices concerning the Nanofilm Group or any of its officers or employees which believe is unethical, employees may disclose in confidence and without fear of reprisal, any such wrongful practices.

    All reporting must be made in good faith, without malice, and when the whistle-blower has reasonable grounds for suspecting that an incident of wrongful practice has occurred.

    Nanofilm Whistleblowing Policy

Conflict Minerals Policy

We strictly abide by the relevant regulations of international organizations and the industry, and effectively avoid the risk of conflict minerals by formulating related regulations and policies. We request suppliers to strictly comply with the relevant legal requirements of “prohibiting conflict minerals”. When selecting and introducing suppliers, we request all suppliers to provide the Conflict Minerals Questionnaire and the Commitment Letter on Not Using Conflict Minerals, which includes investigation and research on conflict minerals. For suppliers involved in raw metal materials, we request suppliers to trace back to the source of smelting plants and to ensure the traceability of raw materials. When necessary, we actively cooperate with customers to conduct relevant audits and inspections. During the reporting period, 100% of our suppliers met the compliance requirements.

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