• Our Mission

    The Key Catalyst To Enable Advancement Of Our Customers’ Products In A Sustainable Manner.

  • Our Vision

    Integrating Nanotechnology In Advanced Materials And Nanoproducts Into Our Daily Lives.

With our special proprietary advanced materials and nano-fabrication capability, we have repeatedly redrawn material science boundaries with unimaginable possibilities, catalyzing the mass commercialization of mission critical market applications and end-products in multiple industries and markets

Dr Shi Xu Founder & Executive Chairman

Historical Milestones & Breakthroughs

  • 1999

    Dr Shi Founded Nanofilm and together with team made a breakthrough in FCVA technology

  • 2000

    TAC-ON® became industry standard coating in the hard disc head

  • 2002

    Established Nanofilm Vacuum Coating in Shanghai

  • 2003

    TAC-ON® and MiCC® successful application in semiconductor packaging moulds and tools.

  • 2003

    Established Nanofilm Technologies Japan

  • 2004

    TAC-ON® successful application in printer components. Nanofilm vacuum coating equipment become a standard for optical lens mould coating

  • 2007

    Established subsidiary in Tokyo

  • 2008

    Launched large scale vacuum coating service and system in China

  • 2012

    Commercialized CdTe thin film solar cell production line. Developed low/high temperature PVD inline system for photovoltaic industry

  • 2013

    Launched and commercialized coating solution for piston rings

  • 2016

    Expanded NVC (Shanghai) production capacity

  • 2017

    Launched smart factory

  • 2018

    Invested in Mango (Nanofab), added nanofabrication capacity.

  • 2019

    Nanofab expanded production capacity in Vietnam

  • 2020

    Group IPO in Singapore

  • 2021

    Established Sydrogen to provide Hydrogen Energy Solutions. Expanded China production capacity with site 2

  • 2022

    Launched a new coating centre in Huizhou and Zigong, China. Started Vietnam Fab 2 construction to expand capacity for coating service and nanofabrication

  • 2023

    Relocated global headquarters to 11 Tai Seng Drive, Singapore

Our Global Footprint

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