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We provide full suite of coating solutions for consumer electronics including decorative, corrosion resistant, insulation and anti-reflection.

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Our decorative solution deposits composite materials or carbon on stainless steel with wide range of colors that stand out your products with high-end finish. Our solution is also much more scratch-resistance compared to others, thanks to a base layer of TAC coating.

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Conductive Corrosion Resistant

Our conductive corrosion resistant solution deposits non hydrogen carbon and metal sources using environmentally friendly patented FCVA and sputtering technology that forms a corrosion resistance layer on key electrical components made of Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Red Copper, that greatly reduce corrosion current, extend product lifespan and enhance products’ performance.

This is an alternative solution to electroplating that protect our planet.

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Electrical Insulation

Our Electrical Insulation solution deposits silicon nitride using environmentally friendly sputtering technology (PVD) to form a thin non-conductive layer on key electrical components to prevent interference and short-circuit of your devices and improve device’s performance.

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AR Coating

Our AR Coating solution deposits a thin layer of material on different types of glasses including quartz glass, chalcogenide glass using ion-beam and sputtering technology to achieve desired surface hardness, optical reflectance or penetration rates to meet product performance requirement.

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