AR Coating

Our AR Coating solutions achieve low to ultra-low reflection at different wave lengths on different types of glasses and are more scratch resistance that enhance your products’ performance.

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AR Coating Solution Empowers Your Products with High Performance

Our AR Coating solution deposits a thin layer of material on different types of glasses including quartz glass, chalcogenide glass using ion-beam and sputtering technology to achieve desired surface hardness, optical reflectance or penetration rates to meet product performance requirement.

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Hard AR Coating

Hard AR coating reduces glare and reflection on phone screen with strong scratch resistance.

AR - Moth Eye

AR - Moth Eye solution achieves ultra-low reflection on precision optical components such as Micro Lens Array with <0.1% reflectance that greatly increases the light collection efficiency.

AR - Far Infrared

AR - Far Infrared solution achieves high optical penetration rate on chalcogenide glass with enhanced scratch resistance and durability thanks to the top TAC film layer.


Coating Solution AR-Hard Coat AR-Moth Eye AR-Far Infrared
Substrate Glass Quartz Glass Chalcogenide Glass
Coating Material Composite Ti3O5, SiO2 Composite
Coating Technology Ion Beam, Sputtering Ion Beam Ion Beam, Sputtering
Coating Thickness 1,000 ~ 2,000nm 600 ~ 650nm 2,200 ~ 3,000nm
Wavelength 400 ~ 700nm 1,530 ~ 1,570nm 8 ~ 12μm
Reflectance 1.98% ~ 4.25% <0.1% <8%

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