Reduce Internal Combustion Engine Fuel Consumption with i-TAC®

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Customer Challenge

When the internal combustion engine is running, piston moves up and down in the cylinder to convert combustion energy to mechanical action. Piston rings seal the combustion chamber and is subject to constant friction during motion. Conventional coating deposited by electroplating cannot meet the friction reduction requirement.

Coating i-TAC®
Coating Material
Coating Technology
Steel / Cast Iron
Coating Hardness
Coating Thickness
6~8μm (up to 50 μm)
Friction Coefficient
Deposition Temperature
< 100℃
Coating Color

Our Solution

i-TAC® deposits a thick layer of ta-C (tetrahedral amorphous carbon) coating with hardness up to 3,500HV on the piston ring. It reduces the coefficient of friction to less than 0.1, increases airtightness, improves fuel efficiency, reduces carbon emission, extend piston ring lifespan and reduces maintenance needs.

Test Result

Product:Cast-Iron Piston Ring
Item Testing Instrument Reference Range Test Result
Coating Thickness Metallographic microscope 6~8μm 6.5um
Brittleness Rockwell hardness HF 1~HF 3 HF 1
Twist Resistant Inhouse twisting bonding force testing instrument Coating no peel with 90°twist Passed
Heat resistant Muffle Furnace Coating no peel off under 350℃ for 2h Passed
Surface Hardness Mitutoyo surface roughness measuring instrument / Rz=1~2
Micro Hardness Fisher Micro Hardness Indentation Tester 1,500~3,500HV 2,714HV

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