Prevent Faucet Water Leakage with TAC-ON®

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Customer Challenge

Ceramic discs at the bottom of the valve chamber will raise and lower to control the volume of water flow, is a key component of disc faucet. Extreme frictions from daily operation may wear ceramic disc thin and lead to water leakage.

Protect ceramic disc with TAC-ON® coating

Coating Material
Hardness (GPa)
> 30 GPa
Coating thickness
~ 1µm
Friction co-efficient
~ 0.08
Deposition Temperature
< 100°C

Our Solution

The TAC-ON® coating reduces lime deposition and its negative effect on friction and wear, result in smooth and precise operation and longer lifetime of the disc. Travel up to 7,000m without significant degradation of the film performance.

Test Result

Significantly Reduce Friction Coefficient.

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