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Vacuum Coating Solutions

  • Non-Stick

    Non-stick solution MiCC® is harder, thinner with lower friction rate. It reduces stickiness of components and moulds, results in smooth release, extends parts and moulds lifespan and improve productivity.

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  • Conductive Corrosion Resistant

    PVD based electrical corrosion resistant solution significantly reduces corrosion current, extend product lifespan and improve product performance.

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  • Wear Resistant

    Revolutionary FCVA based wear resistance solution significantly extend product and tool lifespan, improve operation efficiency and enhance product quality.

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  • Decorative

    Our PVD based decorative solutions come in a variety of colors that make your product stand out with high-end finish and more scratch resistant.

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  • AR Coating

    Our AR coating solutions achieve low to ultra-low reflection at different wave lengths on different types of glasses and are more scratch resistant to enhance your products’ performance.

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  • Electrical Insulation

    Our PVD based Electrical Insulation solutions effectively prevent equipment interference and short circuits to improve device performance.

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  • Hydrophobic

    Our PECVD and FCVA based hydrophobic solutions reduce surface energy, prevent problems caused by humidity and water leakage and hence extend device’s lifespan.

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Conductive Corrosion Resistant
Wear Resistant
AR Coating
Electrical Insulation


We are your one-stop nano and microfabrication partner from design to process engineering to manufacturing. With our in-house 5-axis synchronous CAM system, diamond turning and precise tooling techniques, we provide high precision optical components.

  • Micro Lens Array
  • Fresnel Lens
  • Flexible Optics
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