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Multi-Arc Hard Coat System BSHC 1010 

The multi-arc machine is an advanced coating system specifically designed for deposition of hard coatings including AlTiN, AlCrN, and AlTiSiN onto cutting tool surfaces. This technology is tailored to meet the rigorous demands of cutting tools used in machining applications. These hard coatings enhance the performance and significantly extend their tool life, increase productivity, and improve the overall quality of machined products. The hard coating also can be used for mould coating to improve their heat resistant and lowering surface energy.

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Process Chamber with Multi-Source Dimension Octagonal structure with an inscribed circle diameter 1m(Ø) x 1.05m(H)
Material SUS 304
FCVA Source N.A
Other Sources Multi-Arc Source and Ion Beam Cleaning Source
Vacuum Control 2pcs x TC Gauge,  1pc x Ion Gauge
High Vacuum Pump 2pcs x 3,000 L/s Turbo Molecular Pump
Pressure Control Capacitance Manometer, Multiple MFCs
Mechanical Pump (Roughing) Rotary Pump + Roots Pump
Ultimate Vacuum < 1.0 x 10-4 Pa
Substrate Holder Dimension PCD0.5m (Ø ) x 0.8m (H)
Material SUS 304
Function Holder Rotation Speed 0 - 3 rpm, Bias-able
System Dimension ≈ 4.8 (L) x 3.6 (W) x 2.6 (H) m

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the substrate maximum size?  

    We provide coating equipment with chamber size as big as 1.5m x 1.5m. The maximum size of substrate depends on the shape. Please get in touch with us to learn more.

  • What type of coating can your equipment coat? 

  • What is your lead time?  

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