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Ion Beam Etching
De-coater NDC 300

The ion-beam etching system offers adjustable etching energy and corresponding parameters, allowing you to optimise the process to obtain the best de-coating results at maximum efficiency. The de-coating system is a perfect combo for our FCVA load-lock mould coater for a turnkey solution for your mould coating and decoating process. 

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  • User Friendly
    Control Panel

    Easy to operate and control

  • Flexible
    Ion Energy

    That can be adjusted over
    a wide range

  • Ion Beam

    High etch rate with precise
    material removal


Configuration Description
Chamber Internal Dimension 0.423 x 0.363 X 0.232 m
Chamber Material SUS304
Reactor Type Anode Layer Ion Source
Vacuum Range 1 x 10- 5 Torr
Etching Time  3 - 10 mins (May vary for different shapes and sizes)
Process Gas Type Ar or O2
Power Supply 3Ph (208 - 400V) ac + N + E (Voltage shall be catered to the respective country's requirements)
Power Rating 15 kW
Extraction System Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps, Internationally-Rocognized Molecular Pumps
Power Source Ion Beam Power Source, Voltage Output: 0 - 2,000V (DC + Pulse) Bias Power Supply, Voltage Output 0 - 1,000 VDC Pulse, 40 kHz, Duty Cycle 20 - 80%
System Dimension ≈ 1.4 (L) x 1.1 (W) x 1.73 (H) m


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