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FCVA Hybrid In-line System

Based on modular design, the system is flexible to increase or decrease number of chambers according to your needs. Each process chamber is equipped with 1 pair of of FCVA (Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc) source and 1 pair Linear Sputtering source or Cylindrical Rotating Sputter source. The system is plasma based, highly configurable and produces highly uniformed coating with wide range of composite. It is specially designed with large vacuum gate valve. It has throughput up to 5 minutes per batch and able to continually operate for more than 3 days (72 hrs).

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  • FCVA

    Excellent coating performance

  • Carbon or Metal

    Extend coating types

  • Large Vacuum
    Gate Valve

    High throughput rate

  • Modular Design

    Flexible to increase to decrease
    number of chambers

  • Customisable
    Substrate Holder

    That fits your needs

  • User Friendly
    Control Panel

    Easy to operate and control


Chamber Dimension 1.1 (L) x 1.51 (W) x 1.06 (H) m
Chamber Material SUS 304
Process Gas MFCs for Ar and N2
Gate Valve 1.082 x 0.8 m
Coating Range 0.5 m (H)
Vacuum System Pirani Gauge and High Vacuum Gauge
Process Configuration Standard or Customise
Chamber Configuration Standard or Customise
Ion Beam Source Ion Beam source of End Hall type with beam voltage of up to 2500V and beam power of up to 1kW
Sputtering Source Cylinder or Flat
FCVA-C Source FCVA-C Source with Arc Power Supply, 3kW Power Supply for filter and 1kW Power Supply for anode
FCVA-M Source FCVA-M Source with Arc Power Supply, 3kW Power Supply for filter and 1kW Power Supply for anode
System Dimension ≈ 12 (L) x 7 (W) x 3 (H) m (8 Chambers)

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