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Nanofilm Technology


Multi-Dimensional Nanotechnology

Multi-Dimensional Nanotechnology

As a leading Nanotechnology provider, Nanofilm has continued to develop new capabilities and made breakthroughs in materials, fabrication techniques and products. From our founding core in vacuum coating, 2D Nanotech, we have successfully extend our capabilities in 2.5D and 3D Nanotech.


We believe that the strengths of our business are underpinned by our three core competencies:


(1) Our technology, R&D innovation and product development capabilities


(2) Our Strong In-house Engineering Capabilities


(3) Our Solid Efficient Production Capabilities

Research & Development

Research & Development

Our nanotechnology solutions are being used in our daily lives across a wide range of industries.


Managing your project requires thorough engineering.


We partner with your team from development till commercialization. 

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