Advanced Technology Research Center (ATRC) is a group-level research organization bridging fundamental research undertaken by the NTI-NTU Corp Lab with commercialization by NTI’s business units (BUs). ATRC’s mandate is to validate and improve maturity of new technologies and products for eventual mass production by BUs. This organization will also be the primary unit addressing the integration of new technologies into product development for NTI’s customers and business development teams, creating innovative nanotechnology solutions to address the needs of our stakeholders.

ATRC is a multi-site organization with Singapore and Shanghai as two core locations. The Singapore site is located at NTI’s flagship Headquarter at Tai Seng, Singapore, while the Shanghai site is located at NTI’s Shanghai Plant 2 in Qingpu district, Shanghai, China.

The facilities within ATRC includes two state-of-the-art, dedicated coating laboratories located at both Singapore and Shanghai to advance NTI’s proprietary Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc (FCVA) physical vapor deposition technology. Both facilities are also coupled with comprehensive thin film characterization laboratories equipped with modern analytical instruments to support research and product development needs.

Qingpu, Shanghai

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