SEMICON Southeast Asia 2022

We participated in SEMICON Southeast Asia 2022, which was held from 21st to 23rd June 2022 in Penang, Malaysia. The event connected companies, suppliers and buyers across the supply chain to grow the semiconductor and microelectronics ecosystem in Southeast Asia. It was organized by SEMI, the global industry association for the electronics manufacturing and design supply chain; and saw approximately 250 international and local exhibiting companies take part.

Nanofilm’s capabilities were at display in our exhibition booth, including a range of coating solutions, coating equipment and nanofabrication capabilities that cater to the stringent quality standards of the semiconductor and microelectronics industries.

Our patented Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon coating (TAC-ON®) has superior temperature resistance and an extremely low friction coefficient, while our Micro/Nano-Crystalline Chrome Nitride Ceramic Coating (MiCC®) is an environmentally friendly solution that provides high corrosion resistance and excellent adhesion to base materials. We also introduced the Anti-Static Discharge (ASD) coating which protects against electrostatic discharge, a major cause of failure in the semiconductor industry.

Attendees also got to learn about our mold coaters, which come in load-lock, batch or inline systems and can be customized with vacuum technologies and additional accessories. Residual coating can be removed from the mold through our decoater system, which makes our package a one-stop, fuss-free solution to your business needs.

Nanofilm is based in Singapore, with operations in China, Japan, Vietnam, Germany and the USA. Our nanotechnology-based solutions are utilized in a wide range of industries such as computer, communications and consumer electronics (“3C”), automotive, precision engineering, printing and imaging, and new energy.

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