Nanofilm’s Participation in Guhring Grinding Competence Center Open House

From 24th to 26th November 2022, Nanofilm participated in the Guhring Grinding Competence Center as a partner of Guhring Malaysia. Held at Guhring’s facility in Shah Alam, Malaysia, the open house event saw Nanofilm exhibiting its leading-edge capabilities in durable, long-lasting vacuum coatings for greater mold and tool productivity.

During the event, our experts also engaged visitors in-depth on the applications and benefits of FCVA (Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc), our patented vacuum coating process. Through FCVA, Nanofilm is able to produce superior coatings with high toughness, low friction coefficient and increased lifespans.

Nanofilm is based in Singapore, with operations in China, Japan, Vietnam, Germany and the USA. Our nanotechnology-based solutions are utilized in a wide range of industries such as computer, communications and consumer electronics (“3C”), automotive, precision engineering, printing and imaging, and new energy.

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