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NFBU manufactures and supplies nanoproducts in optical imaging lens and sensory components that play a critical function role in customers’ end-products. NFBU leverages its proprietary nanofabrication  technology and software to offer differentiated solutions that enable the design and fabrication of nanoproducts to meet the dimensional specifications of our customers.

Optical Lenses

  • Fresnel Lens

  • Adjustable Focal-length Lens

  • Wafer Lens

  • Aspherical Diffraction Lens

  • FIR Lens

Optical Sensory Components

We customize nanoproducts designed to fit specific size and shape requirements: 

  • Micro Lens Array (MLA)  -  often used for Dot-Pattern Infrared Illumination in 3D-sensing

  • Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE)  -  often used to reconstruct projected light patterns for 3D-sensing

  • Nano-Imprints  -  often used to create unique light patterns as used in Security Authentication

  • Prism Lens  -  commonly used in optics systems

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