Fine Fresnel Lens
for AR/VR

Nano and Micro scale high precision optical components and tools.

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Fine Fresnel Lens

Invisible line fresnel lens also called Kinoform Lens is a type of diffractive lens, allowing for precise and efficient focusing and imaging.

Fine Fresnel Lens

  • The lens is flat and thin

  • With sharp fresnel and high precision contour

Design and Fabrication

Fine Fresnel Lens Cross Section

Made from master mould cut by diamond turning and replication process using UV epoxy resin

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is unique about Nanofilm nanofabrication? 

    We offer one-stop nanofabrication services from mechanical and optical design to process engineering to production. Our proprietary CAM system utilizes 100% capability of 5-axis diamond tuning machine. Because of this we have the capability to produce high precision and high-resolution components, products, and tools. 

  • What kind of products you can produce?  

  • What resolution or accuracy level can you achieve? 

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