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As a leading Nanotechnology provider, Nanofilm has continued to develop new capabilities and made breakthroughs in materials, fabrication techniques and products. From our founding core in vacuum coating, 2D Nanotech, we have successfully extend our capabilities in 2.5D and 3D Nanotech. 

Multi-Dimensional Nanotechnology

2D Nanotech - Nanolayered Coating

Our vacuum coatings can start from nano scale and reach 10s of microns through the deposition of nanoscale layers of thin film materials. We apply various techniques including our proprietary FCVA, PVD, PE-CVD, Sputtering and Direct Arc in creating a wide spectrum of coatings for a broad spectrum of applications from decorative protective coatings to tribological coatings for automotive engines.

2.5D Nanotech - Nanostructured Optics

Traditional nanoimprint processes are done on flat surfaces and we have successfully gone beyond this restriction. Through our proprietary nanofabrication and replication process, we are capable of creating nanostructures on freeform surfaces for micro-optics applications using polymers.

3D Nanotech - Catalyst / Nanocomposites

We are also further our capabilities in nanomaterials for catalyst and heavily filled nanocomposite materials. 

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