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Investor Relations Policy

Nanofilm Technologies International Limited (“Nanofilm” or the “Company”) is committed to providing timely, clear, full and accurate disclosures of material information to the public, in accordance with the listing rules of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”), Singapore Code of Corporate Governance 2018 (“Code”) and current best practices. Our Investor Relations (“IR”) Policy outlines the principles and practices adopted by the Company.

1.1  The Company treats all shareholders of the Company (" Shareholders ") fairly and equitably so that Shareholders can make informed decisions when exercising their rights as shareholders and have the opportunity to communicate their views on matters affecting the Company.

1.2  The Company also endeavours to give Shareholders a balanced and understandable assessment of its performance, position and prospects.

1.3  The Company is committed to making timely, full and accurate disclosures and distributing corporate communications materials 1 in accordance with the listing rules of the SGX-ST and the Code.

1.4  All disclosures are submitted to SGX-ST through SGXNet and are made available on the Company’s corporate website. Should material disclosures be inadvertently made to a select group, the Company will ensure the same disclosures are made public as soon as practicable via SGXNet.

1.5  This IR Policy is subject to regular review by the Company’s senior management to ensure its effectiveness. Updates, where appropriate, will be made to reflect current best practices in our communications with Shareholders and the investment community.


1 Refers to any document issued or to be issued by the Company for the information or action of Shareholders, including, but not limited to, the annual reports, presentation materials, factsheets, notices of meeting, circulars and proxy forms.

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