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Industrial Equipment

IEBU is responsible for our core technology of the Group and is involved in designing, developing and building customized R&D and production turnkey coating equipment, cleaning lines and automation systems. In addition, it provides after sales support to both the internal BUs and external customers.

Coating Equipment

Batch and Load-Lock Systems

Batch System comprises of one vacuum coating chamber, which can be configured to apply different surface solutions.  The advantage of the batch system is reliability and cost, it is versatile and provides flexibility in changing applications.


Load-Lock System comprises of two or more chambers, with one vacuum coating chamber maintained in a vacuum state, as well as a separate loading chamber. The loading chambers allow for substrates to be funneled into, and removed from, the coating chamber in vacuum, avoid contamination by atmospheric gas and ensuring consistent coating quality. Such systems are relatively costlier, and are suited for small volume coating with high quality requirements.

Abstract Background

Batch System

Precision Coatings and
Glass-Lens Molds

Inline Systems for large-volume production

We design, develop and build Inline Systems for large-volume production to achieve higher productivity with consistent quality.

Abstract Background

Inline System

Typical use for Large-Volume Applications

Specific for each application

Pre-treatment and Cleaning Systems complement our surface solutions, they are optimized for the specific applications and yet modular to provide production flexibility while highly automated for production efficiency.


Automation Equipment (such as fixtures sorter, fixtures assembly and coiler) increase the efficiency of all manufacturing processes, including loading/unloading fixtures, quality check systems, and packing systems.


Cleaning System

Fully automated cleaning

Industrial Equipment

Material Handling and Assembly

High degree of automation

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