F-Cell Stuttgart 2022

SYDROGEN® is extremely grateful to have been part of F-Cell 2022 in Stuttgart, Germany. Held from 4th to 5th October 2022, the exhibition saw some of the best minds and biggest players in the hydrogen and fuel cell community taking part.

In addition to showcasing our Air Cooled Fuel Cell stack and SydroDIAMOND™ coating, our experts also shared about SYDROGEN®’s deep tech manufacturing know-how, which enables high coating and production capacity for hydrogen fuel cell components and systems.

Specially tailored for use in metallic bipolar plates, SydroDIAMOND™ combines the superior qualities of Diamond and Graphite to provide excellent corrosion resistance and electrical properties. SydroDIAMOND™ hence serves as an affordable and customizable alternative to expensive noble metals such as gold.

Moreover, our patented FCVA (Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc) technology allows for room-temperature vacuum deposition and adjustable density and uniformity for SydroDIAMOND™ coatings.

SYDROGEN® is a Singapore-based company created as a joint venture between Temasek Holdings and Nanofilm – a high-tech advanced material solutions leader bringing cutting-edge nanoengineering capabilities to the emerging Hydrogen Energy market.

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