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Wear and corrosion resistant solutions for ceramic disc and valve, textile metal weaving components, printer parts extending product and parts lifespan, improving product quality.

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Faucet Ceramic Valve and Disc

Ceramic valve and disc are key components of disc faucet. Extreme frictions from daily operation may wear ceramic disk thin and lead to water leakage. Our TAC-ON® coating reduces lime deposition and its negative effect on friction and wear with travel up to 7,000m without significant degradation of the film performance. It results in smooth and precise operation of the faucet, with longer lifespan, prevents leakage and reduce maintenance needs. 

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Weaving Components

During weaving, friction between the yarn and the reed creates grooves on the surface of the reed, increasing tendency for jamming. Our TAC-ON® coating forms a super hard and smooth layer on the surface of the reed piece with low surface energy that reduces stickiness and friction, greatly improving the life span of the components, prevent production downtime.

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Printer Parts

Different functioning parts of printer can experience corrosion from ink, wear and tear from friction, particle stickiness and interference from contact static-electricity. These issues may cause frequent malfunction and impede seamless operation of printers. Extend printer lifespan and enhance its quality with TAC-ON® coating. Resist wear on cleaning blade, Reduce Corrosion on grid and shield; Reduce charge degradation; Reduce surface friction and wear on mechanical components including heaters, fixing parts, developer roller and doctor blade.

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