Wear and corrosion resistant solutions for piston ring, air compressor components and car key that resolve friction, wear and lubrication problems.

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Piston Ring

When the internal combustion engine is running, piston moves up and down in the cylinder to convert combustion energy to mechanical action. Piston rings seal the combustion chamber and is subject to constant friction during motion. Conventional coating can not meet the friction reduction requirement. i-TAC® deposits a thick layer of ta-C (tetrahedral amorphous carbon) coating with hardness up to 3,500HV on the piston ring. It reduces the coefficient of friction to less than 0.1, increases airtightness, improves fuel efficiency, reduces carbon emission, extends piston ring lifespan and reduces maintenance needs.

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Air Compressor Components

Components of air compressor in hydrogen vehicle are under stress from compressing and depressing operation. TAC-ON® coating on spindle, blade and shaft greatly increases wear resistance of the parts and air compressor performance. 

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Car Lock

The friction between car key and car lock from constant locking and un-locking operation often cause scratch and wear of the lock and key surface, after a while it can get stuck. TAC-ON® coating with smooth surface and much strong adhesion compared to normal coating on car lock greatly reduces friction and improves its scratch resistance, results in long-term smooth operation.

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