New Generation of Anti-Static Discharge (“ASD”) Coating

Nanofilm Technologies International is proud to announce the development of a new generation of anti-static discharge coating.

Electrostatic discharge (“ESD”) can damage sensitive electronic devices and related components. For example, semiconductor chip and wafer products are susceptible to static electricity, especially during handling and shipping. Electrostatic discharge can change the electrical characteristics of a semiconductor device in a degrading way and even destroy it.

ESD has been found to be the main cause of failure for semiconductor devices. Hence, ESD protection coatings are in high demand, especially in the semiconductor industry.

Nanofilm’s improved anti-static discharge coatings consist of a combination of TAC-ON® deposited by Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc (“FCVA”) and Diamond-Like Carbon (“DLC”) deposited by plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition (“PACVD”). The coatings allow electric charges to flow to the ground slowly and in a controlled manner. The surface resistivity is tunable and can be adjusted to 10^5 to 10^9 Ohms/sq to meet the ESD protection needs in the semiconductor industry.

The whole process can be performed at low temperatures using a dry process in vacuum. Compared to the spray process, the technology offers excellent adhesion with the substrate. The coatings also have a low coefficient of friction and excellent wear resistance, reducing particle creation and enabling high yields in manufacturing.

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