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New Energy

The new energy segment represents Nanofilm’s focus on developing sustainable innovations to support the global sustainability effort. Today, Nanofilm is involved in three niches of Hydrogen economy, thin-film solar panel equipment manufacturing and reduction of chrome electroplating for EVs.

While the Hydrogen economy is still nascent, Nanofilm in partnership with Temasek Holdings through Sydrogen® Energy is investing to develop solutions to enable fuel cells and electrolyzers to be more cost-effective.

Nanofilm’s partnership with Everwin in ApexTech is expected to deliver anti-corrosion solutions to interconnects for EV battery systems in replacement of chrome electroplating. The ability of Nanofilm to deliver a cost-effective vacuum coating based solution in competition with electroplating is a testament to the technological and engineering strength of the group. This can enable policy makers to more aggressively reduce the use of electroplating globally.

New Energy
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