Nanofilm’s Exhibition at Automotive World Nagoya

At Automotive World Nagoya, Nanofilm’s Japan Team exhibited its innovative nanotechnology applications for the automotive ecosystem from 26th to 28th October. Held in Portmesse Nagoya, Japan, the event attracted manufacturers of automobiles, automotive components, commercial vehicles, and other related sectors.

Nanofilm’s Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon (ta-C) coatings reduce wear while improving performance and durability for gears, engine parts, braking systems, power transmission systems and automotive production molds and tools.

Sydrogen’s SydroDIAMOND™ coating combines the superior qualities of Diamond and Graphite to provide a scalable and cost-effective solution for metallic bipolar plates, utilizing conductive carbon instead of expensive Noble Metals.

Nanofilm Technologies International Limited is based in Singapore, with operations in China, Japan, Vietnam, Germany and the USA. Our nanotechnology-based solutions are utilized in a wide range of industries such as computer, communications and consumer electronics (“3C”), automotive, precision engineering, printing and imaging, and new energy.

Sydrogen Energy Pte. Ltd. is a Joint Venture between Nanofilm Technologies International Limited and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Temasek. Sydrogen develops and manufactures components and systems of fuel cells needed in the hydrogen economy by leveraging the coating technologies and manufacturing capabilities of Nanofilm.

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