Senior Engineer – Electrical

  • Singapore
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Job Description

As a Senior Engineer Electrical, you will be responsible for the design of electrical circuits of low and high voltage in AC and DC systems for use in hydrogen fuel cell systems, utilizing micro controllers, circuit breakers, relays, PLC, as well as interfacing with other systems such as inverters, buck-boost converters, motor controllers, Li-ion batteries, fuel cell engines and others. You will also be responsible for assisting in the design of software to control the overall system, using C, C+ and similar languages, and interfacing with other controllers utilizing CAN Bus, RS485, Modbus communication protocols. You will be expected to guide and train younger engineers in the areas of electrical, electronics and software development.

  • Design of DC systems from 12V up to 600V
  • Design of AC systems from single phase 220V up to 3 phase 400V
  • Design power electronics & system control using PLC, electronic control unit (embedded system), relays, circuit breakers, contactors, switchboards
  • Perform troubleshooting and repair of electrical and electronic circuits
  • Work extensively on integration of Lithium-Ion batteries, BMS and EV/EVSE systems
  • Assist in the integration of control units using CAN Bus protocol
  • Design AC/DC circuits, systems and user interface using Matlab, Labview and others
  • Prepare and create electrical testing in terms of continuity, insulation, resistance and grounding to comply with safety and performances/reliability


  • Min. Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical/Electronics Engineering or Mechatronics
  • Min. 7 years of experience in electrical design is required
  • Programming languages in C, C++. Knowledge in other languages is advantageous
  • Experience & knowledge in Systems Engineering, HEV/BEV/FCEV, Li-Ion batteries
  • Power electronics experience of more than a few kW
  • Proficient with Labview, Matlab, MS Office Suite of tools, exposure to Microsoft Project is advantageous
  • Experience of installing functions like blue tooth, CAN Bus, etc. is a plus
  • Good interpersonal and communication skill
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skill
  • Result oriented, hands on, and collaborative style
  • Ability to work in multi-functional, multi-cultural teams
  • Knowledge and experience of failure mode analysis like FTA, FMEA is a plus
  • Knowledge and experience of certification process like CE, UL is a plus
  • Fluent in English and writing skills of clear and concise technical reports

Level of Expertise


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