FCVA Coating Technology

Nanofilm is a leader in Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc (FCVA) Technology

Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc (FCVA) Technology

Our Core Vacuum Technology – Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc (FCVA) is an international recognized technology. It’s 100% plasma based and offer many advantages.

FCVA Enables Highly Adjustable Coatings

FCVA enables highly adjustable coatings for optimal Diamond and Graphite-like properties, enables dense and uniform coatings

  • Curved Magnetic Field Only Lets High-energy Ions Pass

    - Non-ionised particles trapped in bend enabling pure ion deposition

  • Form Optimal Diamond and Graphite-like Properties

    - sp3 diamond structure provides hardness
    - sp2 graphitic structure provides conductivity

  • High Energy-Ions Provide Unique Advantages

    - More dense, uniform film – better corrosion resistance
    - Superior coverage
    - Strong adhesion

FCVA is Superior to Other Vacuum Coating Technologies

FCVA / FCVA-Hybrid PVD (Sputtering) CVD (PECVD)
Coating species Ions Atoms Radicals
Peak energy 20 - 5000eV ~ 0.1eV A few eV
Coating pressure <1E-3Pa 5E-1Pa 0.1 - 1Pa
Adhesion Excellent Fair Fair
Hardness Superior Good Good
Film density (DLC film) ~3.4g/cm3 ~2.2g/cm3 ~2.0g/cm3
Coating uniformity Software adjustable Hardware dependent Hardware dependent
Target material Solids Solids Gases
Deposition temperature < 100°C High Very High
Substrates Wide range including plastics, rubbers, and alloy metals Alloy metals Alloy metals

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