Conductive corrosion resistant solution for Hydrogen fuel cell bipolar plates and EV battery busbar.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bipolar Plate Coating Solution

Our corrosion resistant carbon SydroDIAMOND® coating solution enhances the lifespan and conductivity of metallic Bipolar Plates in PEM hydrogen fuel cells. The coating has been demonstrated to have 9 times less ion-leaching compared to PVD gold.

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Electric Vehicles Battery Busbar

Our conductive corrosion resistant solution deposits non hydrogen carbon and metal sources using environmentally friendly patented FCVA and sputtering technology that forms a corrosion resistance layer on key electrical components made of Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Red Copper, that greatly reduce corrosion current, extend product lifespan and enhance products' performance.

This is an alternative solution to electroplating that protect our planet.

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