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PCB drilling (which is also known as printed circuit board drilling), is the process of creating holes, slots and other cavities in an electronic circuit board. The process easily wear out PCB drill, and reduce its process capability, that cause frequent interruption of the production for replacement, result in reduced productivity.

Protect PCB drill with a thin layer of TAC-ON® coating with customised thickness based on drilling material

TAC-ON® Thickness 0.25 μm 1.0 μm
FPC Soft Board
IC Carrier Board
Aluminium Plate
Copper Plate
Halogen Free PCB

Our Solution

TAC-ON® layer with high hardness and smooth surface greatly reduce the wear between the drill and the board, does not produce tangle; significantly improve the life span and process capability of the drill, reduce replacement frequency and production downtime.


  • Drill W/O coating

    CPK after 3000 drill 1.212

  • Drill WT TAC-ON™

    CPK after 3000 drill 1.557

  • Drill W/O coating

    CPK after 2090 drill 2.008

  • Drill WT TAC-ON™

    CPK after 2090 drill 2.671

TAC-ON® significantly improves PCB drills Process Capability Index (CPK)

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