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About Us

Nanofilm is Asia’s nanotechnology solutions leader with strong innovation DNA, founded in 1999 as a high-tech spinoff from Nanyang Technological University, specializing in advanced materials and nanoproducts.
Our proprietary materials with special surface properties and nano-engineering capabilities, customized to our customers needs, have redrawn market boundaries with limitless potential.
Our mission critical game-changing applications in multiple industries today place us well in value chain integration as we transform into a future-generation nanotechnology solutions company.
In time when each market industry where our technology catalyzes matures, we will transform and become a significant player in those industries.
Each industry holds the promise to be a powerful standalone business for Nanofilm:  be it 3C, Automotive, New Energy, Biomedical, Consumer Goods or Optical Sensing.

Nanofilm Shanghai Plant 2
Nanofilm's Vision and Mission

BU-Centric Strategy

Proliferating our nanotechnology solutions

BU-Centric Strategy

Key Milestones


- Established a new Headquarter at Tai Seng, Singapore​
- Built New Zigong Plant Apex Tech at China and a new
Vietnam Fabrication 2



- Built new plants at Osaka, Japan & Huizhou, China
Developed Anti-Corrosion and Optical Hard AR Coating

- Commissioned Shanghai Plant 2, approximately twice the size of Shanghai Plant 1, with a gross built-up area of 66,406 sqm
- JV investment with Temasek in Sydrogen Energy Pte. Ltd., our Group’s foray into the hydrogen economy



- Established JV in China with CYPR to provide coated piston rings

- Expanded into Nanofabrication through acquisition 

- Listed on SGX Mainboard


- Commenced operations at Shanghai Plant 1

- Progressed towards Smart Factory – Industry 4.0 to increase automation and robotics




- Our iTAC® was adopted by the Japanese automotive market for piston rings

- Commenced functional coating services for smart wearable devices

- Sole supplier for tablet logos for a customer


- World’s first FCVA in-line system, suitable for coating on plastics

- Commercialised CdTe thin film solar cell production line

- Developed low / high temperature PVD in-line system

- Commenced surface solution services for Customer Z






- Our aspherical glass lens mold became industry standard

- Developed CdTe thin film surface solution for solar cells

- Our Advanced Materials were adopted by the multi-function printer industry, with customers such as Canon and Fuji Xerox 

- Offered TAC-ON® and MiCC® Advanced Materials

- First application in the hard disk drive industry

- Dr Shi founded NanoFilm, a deep-technology company rooted in science

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